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Sharing the Transition
to College

"This workbook is extremely thorough and well done. I believe all high school seniors and college freshmen should have access to this resource so they can be prepared for the transition to college."

-Brad Columbus, Principal, Three Rivers Middle College Magnet High School, CT

"I would love to use this resource with my students!

We are always looking for new ways to engage students in post-secondary planning and there are very few resources out there like this. Great work!"

-Linda Murphy, School Counselor, Foster-Glocester School District/Ponagansett High School, NJ

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This a completely unique transition resource based on scholarly research and years of teaching experience.

We think you and your students will love it!

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Jennifer Sullivan,
Author of "Sharing the Transition to College" has released a
NEW workbook! 

Available Now!

Sharing the Transition to College Workbook

is a collection of over 80 activities, exercises and real-world scenarios for the college-bound student. Educators, parents and students will practice college readiness skills in these easy-to-use student-centered

pre-made worksheets.

Improve your students' college readiness skills of:

Time Management    |     Organization    |    Self-Advocacy   |    Regularly Checking Email 

Communicating with Professors    |    Planning & Prioritizing Homework Assignments​   I  Learning Style  Roommate Conflict Resolution

How To Use This Workbook
For Parents
How To Use This Workbook
For Educators

Check Out the Book That Started it All!

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