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About Jennifer Sullivan

Hello, I'm Jennifer Sullivan, M.S., an educator of 20 years and author of 2 books: Sharing the Transition to College Workbook and Sharing the Transition to College: Words of Advice for Diverse Learners and Their Families.  I created Fast Forward College Coaching to empower students and give them confidence and skills throughout all phases of their college journey. Hundreds of families told me about the gaps that existed in their child's high school to college journey and the skills they wished their child had learned before entering college. Working across four colleges and universities in my career (UCONN, Goodwin University, Mitchell College and the College of Mount Saint Vincent) I know the skills that successful students need and I want to share them with you and your student.

Dedicated to Supporting Diverse Learners

 I recognize that diverse learners need to utilize a variety of supports in college and often need guidance in understanding HOW and WHEN to ask for help.  My certificate in Assistive Technology Programs and background and training in executive functioning skill building gives me a skillset that can support even the most complex student profiles. As the Director of New Student Experience and Parent Programming at Thames Academy on the Mitchell College campus as for 10 years, ​I am experienced supporting diverse learners, college and high school students, with anxiety, learning differences,  ADHD, dyslexia and autism - and their families.

Supporting Students That Struggle

Supporting struggling college students who have had difficult past academic experiences is one of my areas of expertise. I am skilled at building rapport with even the most anxious and disengaged students. I provide short-term and long-term recommendations for skill development and ways your student can better connect with campus supports to get your student back on the path to confidence and success.  I share my expertise as a writer for CollegiateParent - read some of my articles here, here,and here!

Parents Need Support Too

   Parents have shared with me that they sometimes feel overwhelmed or guilty that their student is struggling or that they 'should have' done more to step in while their child was at college. You are not alone! I work with parents, proactively and reactively,

to help you support your student.

I look forward to getting to know you and your student and hearing your story - both past and present. We're in this together.

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