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Workbook Ideas For Parents

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Sharing the Transition to College Workbook helps families to proactively begin conversations about important issues during the college transition.  Activities and real-world scenarios help your teenagers to think critically about the skills they will need in college. 

The workbook is truly a workbook that can be shared!

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This workbook allows your student to be an active, engaged team member in the transition to college!
-Jennifer Sullivan, Author

Sharing the Transition to College Workbook is a comprehensive resource that guides families and students in the college transition process. There is no 'right way' to use the workbook.

The workbook is versatile and able to be customized to build your student's specific college readiness skills.  

Here is a suggested way that parents can use the workbook with their
college-bound student:


After receiving their first college acceptance email/letter, parents can surprise their student with the workbook as a congratulatory gift! Students can complete the workbook activities in order starting on page 1.


The activities and worksheets cover a variety of college readiness skills including time management, roommate communication, conflict resolution, mental health and coping strategies, self-advocacy, campus safety, homework planning and scheduling and much more! All skills and activities are based in current research studies that are linked to postsecondary success.


As students complete a small number of worksheets, parents may wish to pause and have conversations with their college-bound student about the skills addressed in the workbook pages. 

For example, worksheets #31 - 49 cover Academic & Executive Functioning Skills. Parents may want to have a conversation once their student has completed worksheet 49 and ask their student reflection questions such as:

  • Which worksheet did you feel most confident completing in this section? Why?

  • Which worksheet did you have the most difficulty with in this section? Why?

  • Is there an academic skill you could improve before starting college?

  • Can you identify 2 academic skills that you have now that you will bring with you to college?

We love your feedback and ideas about how you are using the workbook with your college-bound student!

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