—  Parent from NJ

"Jen Sullivan was a true blessing during our son's transition year program to college.  Not only did Jen's calming and caring presence help him, it helped us as parents feel comfortable in the process.  Jen is able to communicate, teach and mentor in a meaningful way about many aspects of college life, whether it is real life situations, academic assistance or organizational skills.  Her extensive experience and belief that all students have potential is why I would recommend her to any family."


"Jen provides guidance in navigating the social, academic, and pragmatic aspects of managing life on a college campus. Jen has the knowledge, background, and expertise to help students with time management and organization, as well as to provide strategies for everything from approaching and developing relationships with professors, to selecting and joining clubs and other on campus activities.

Equally, if not more importantly, Jen has a unique gift for finding a way to reach and really connect with every student as an individual. And I will add that Jen's feedback to parents is very beneficial; equally, her willingness to incorporate feedback from parents into her service delivery is also significant. "

—  Parent from CT

"This social skills work that you do in real time with our daughter seems so valuable and transformative. We are grateful for what you have taught our daughter this year and how you have helped transition her from high school kid to soon to be college freshman."

—  Parent from NY

"Thanks, yet again, for your thorough and timely summary of your work with our daughter.  She is clearly responding to your attention, direction, and guidance and we are ever so grateful and happy that she has you on her team. You continue to make a huge difference in her life."

—  Parent from NY

"Jen is totally accessible, responsive, caring, thorough and goes beyond what is expected to help my child."

—  Parent from CO

"Jen has an amazing ability to challenge and nurture at the same time. She appreciates my child's strengths and areas of need and is able to zoom in on how to help her both in the moment and in planning for the next assignment.

She is insightful and our daughter adores her (as do we). She is a great source of comfort for our whole family!"

—  Parent from NY

"As always Jen, we are thankful for your generosity of spirit, keen sense of humor, and patience in working with our daughter!"

—  Parent from NY

"I really appreciate all that you have done to help my daughter this semester. She connects with you and is most productive when you are working together!" 

—  Parent from NY

"Jen is first and foremost, knowledgeable about young adults with executive function deficits. She is patient and kind but still assertive with my student. She quickly assesses your child's strengths and weaknesses."

—  Parent from NJ

"Jen is personable and experienced. She is very positive and inspires action and accountability.

She uses external every day situations to illustrate opportunities for internal change and growth."

—  Parent from CT

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