Customized Professional Development

I customize professional development workshops and webinars for educatoars, parents, and college professionals on specific topics to meet the needs of your audience.

Presentations can range from 1-2 hours, half-day or full-day workshops.

Harnessing the Power of Assistive Technology to Improve Success of Different Learners

This workshop provides an overview of “what’s out there” for educators who desire a basic understanding of the types of no-tech, low tech and high tech assistive technology available to diverse learners.


Tools For Life: Mastering Executive Functioning Skills For Middle School Through College

This presentation is ideal for anyone who works with students that have trouble organizing themselves for academic and personal success in grades 7-12 & college. Participants will gain a core understanding of executive functioning and skills/strategies to enhance skill development  (including assistive technology tools).


Executive Functioning 2.0: Skills and Abilities in the Sophomore Through Senior Experience

This workshop will refine and deepen the conversation around executive functioning concepts beyond the freshman experience. Participants will explore how EF skills impact the upperclass student experience  and how institutions can support student success and retention.


Supporting Transitioning Students: Empowering First Year and Transfer Student Success and Retention

This workshop will explore recent trends and demographics of enrolled first year students and explore several pedagogical models of student development. The workshop will offer various evidence-based models and programs which have been shown to contribute to first year and transfer student success.


Strengthening Student Self-Advocacy: Building Self-Advocacy and Growth Mindset  for Success

This workshop will demonstrate strategies and exercises for developing the metacognitive skills and growth mindset that empower students with learning differences to become more aware of their learning strengths and challenges in order to become strong self-advocates for academic and personal success.


Strengthening Second-Year Student Success Programming

This workshop will provide current research regarding the unique challenges facing second year students. Participants will explore the four tenets of sophomore student success and learn about sophomore specific initiatives that lead to student success and retention.

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Other Workshop Topics Include:

  • Navigating the College Search for Students with LD, ADHD, and Autism

  • Teaching Study Skills in the College Classroom

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