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Workbook Ideas For Educators

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Sharing the Transition to College Workbook makes it easy for high school and college educators to proactively begin conversations about the college transition. Activities and real-world scenarios help your students to think critically about the skills they will need in college. From the Book and Topic Information boxes at the top of the worksheets offer background information and context for each activity so educators can save time on lesson prep and spend more time in discussion with their students. 

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This workbook covers everything students need to know to have a successful college experience - executive functioning, independent living, roommate communication, self-advocacy and much more!
-Jennifer Sullivan, Author
Sharing the Transition to College Workbook  is versatile and able to be customized to build your students' specific college readiness skills.  
There is no 'right way' to use the workbook. 
Here are 5 suggested ways educators can use the workbook
with their students:


High schools can purchase a workbook for each high school junior or senior. Students can complete 9 worksheets per week over a total of 8 weeks. Worksheets can be completed in order beginning on page 1.


Worksheets can be discussed in a weekly virtual after school college preparation workshop or in a weekly advisory session. The activities and worksheets cover a variety of college readiness skills including time management, roommate conflict resolution, communication with professors and peers, self-advocacy, homework planning and scheduling and much more! All skills are based in current research studies that are linked to post secondary success. Completing all worksheets in the workbook will provide students with comprehensive skill building in academic, social and personal areas.


For educators and school counselors who want to target specific skills, the Workbook Exercise Skill Index provides an easy-to-read chart identifying the worksheets that address each skill area. For example, educators that want to build their students' time management, organization and planning skills can use over 30 worksheets throughout the workbook . Discussion questions that improve students' critical thinking and metacognitive skills about time management, organization and planning include:

  • Which worksheet did you feel most confident completing in this section? Why?

  • Which worksheet did you have the most difficulty with in this section? Why?

  • Of the academic skills time management, organization and planning which skill could you improve before starting college?

  • How would improving  this academic skill benefit you in college?

  • Can you identify 2 other academic skills that you have now that you will bring with you to college?



School counselors can use the College Application Tracker Worksheet to help high school juniors and seniors organize and manage the college application process. 


School social workers and school psychologists can use the Stress is Normal - Let's Talk About It worksheet to discuss current and future coping strategies with college-bound students.


504/IEP case managers can use various worksheets to have conversations with their students about the transition to learning & disability supports in higher education. Case managers may find these workbook activities especially helpful for their students with 504/IEP:

  • Explore Assistive Technology

  • Accessibility Office is a Great Resource

  • Be Independent, But Not Too Proud to Ask For Help

  • Questions to Ask a Disability Office

  • Healthy Transitions (Part 1 and 2)

  • Self-Disclosure at College

  • Understanding Your 504/IEP

  • Self-Advocacy with Professors

  • Talk About a Disability

  • Sample Accommodation Letter

  • Examples of Accommodations

  • Types of Disability Supports in College

If you are interested in booking Jennifer for a 1-2 hour professional development workshop with more specific suggestions on how 504/IEP Case Managers can incorporate this workbook and self-advocacy skill-building into your support of high school students, please reach out to Jennifer Sullivan.

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We love your feedback and ideas about how you are using the workbook with your college-bound students!

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