Sharing the Transition to College: Words of Advice for Diverse Learners and Their Families is an invaluable, thoughtfully written how-to guide filled with practical tips and words of advice for college-bound students and their families.

  • Jennifer Sullivan, educator, college consultant and expert in the field of transition, writes in a sensitive and encouraging voice crafted through years of experience in higher education.

  • This comprehensive guide offers guidance on how to smoothly navigate the complexities of the college transition.

  • This book will help families be proactive, know what to expect, and begin the college journey with confidence.​

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This book brilliantly addresses the transition of special needs students to college and what they and their families should know. I love the great writing and both the succinctness and interactiveness of the material. That's the best way to learn! 

- Barbara Ann Kipfer, PhD, author of 14,000 Things to be Happy About

This is a terrific book...that is exactly what every student – and parent - needs to make a successful transition to college. I highly recommend it and plan to use it as I counsel families and students who are moving beyond high school. 

- Susan Yellin, Director, Advocacy and Transition Services, Yellin Center and co-author of Life After High School: A Guide for Students with Disabilities and Their Families 

College anxiety is real for students and their parents and exponentially moreso for students with disabilities. This guide book is an excellent tool for young people and families to successfully maneuver the higher education journey. Ms. Sullivan provides valuable insight, information and support on how to let go and grow through this process!

- NJ parent of a diverse thinking college student

This is a much needed tool for learning and/or emotionally challenged students and their parents! It provides real life examples to guide everyone through the transition from home to college. 

- Ellen R.,  CO parent of a college student with learning differences

Wonderful design! This book is full of practical nuts and bolt tips that you might not realize are the critical foundations for college success. Well done.

- Marydee Sklar- educator and author of the Seeing My Time™ books

Jennifer Sullivan has written the essential guide on the transition from high school to college not only for students with learning differences, but real-world advice for rising college students and their supporters in general. This book is an incredible resource providing relevant and practical strategies that can help students start strong and stay successful throughout college. Sharing the Transition to College encourages individual reflection and conversations between students and their supporters on topics that can sometimes be difficult to navigate. As a University New Student Orientation professional, this book compliments the information and resources your college will share through the orientation process and can help students and families prepare to ask the right questions and feel confident in advocating for your individual needs to be prepared for a successful transition into college life.

- Jackie Connell, New Student Events Coordinator, University of Wisconsin - Fox Valley

There is no emotional rollercoaster like the transition from high school to college for you and your college bound child. Sharing the Transition to College is like the safety bar to keep you grounded...Read this guidebook and prepare to enjoy the ride.
- NJ parent of a diverse thinking student

As a parent of a young adult with disabilities, I wanted my child to be as prepared as possible for college; I wanted to set her up for the best chance of success. This book covers everything from how to access academic support, to where to find emotional or mental health services, to how to navigate a new social world. You'll find advice on everything from personal hygiene to academic expectations; from living with a roommate to taking medications and joining clubs. This book will answer the questions you didn't know you had! A great gift for the graduating high school senior or their parent.

-CT parent of a young adult with disabilities

"Jen Sullivan has written an invaluable transition to college how-to book to be shared by incoming college students with disabilities and their parents. "Sharing the Transition to College" presents practical tips for both students and parents to smooth the path to college, forthrightly addressing common academic, social, and emotional difficulties. It is clearly written in a gentle and encouraging voice that acknowledges the road ahead may be bumpy, inside and outside the classroom, for students with challenges. This book provides excellent guidance to students and their parents and offers sensible and straightforward strategies to minimize and avoid some of the likely rough patches. Ms. Sullivan's extensive experience as an educator of students with disabilities who have navigated a successful transition to college comes through on every page. This book is a must-read for anyone hoping to support the transition to college for a student with challenges. Thank you, Jen Sullivan!"

-NY parent of a college student

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