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Fast Forward College Coaching is individualized coaching created to enhance the skills of college bound and current college students.  I specialize in executive functioning skill support, tutoring and mentoring with an emphasis on organization and time management as well as incorporating assistive technology and digital tools.


I have 18 years of experience working with students with unique minds including students with learning disabilities, ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety, Autism and executive functioning challenges. 


College coaching sessions are natural and comfortable, while offering intentionally-created lessons, strategies and tools.  I utilize authentic opportunities to incorporate academic and social skill building

College Readiness &

Transition Services


Samantha is smart and loves to play video games. She loves music and singing. She struggles with transitions and often feels overhwlemed by new experiences. She isolates and shuts down when she feels anxious.

Aryn is a student with autism who struggles to make connections with peers. She loves anime and creative writing. She isolates in her room and needs support becoming involved on campus and organizing her dorm room.

Eddie is a college senior who is talented in many areas and is highly involved in extracurricular activities and athletics. He has ADD and needs help prioritizing and organizing her commitments, sports, and academic work.

"Jen has an amazing ability to challenge and nurture at the same time.  She is a great source of comfort for our whole family!" 

-NY Parent

"Jen was the anchor during my son's first year at college."

"She appreciates my child's strengths and areas of need and is able to zoom in on how to help her both in the moment and in planning for the next assignment. 

She is insightful and our daughter adores her (as do we). " 

Do you need a college transition specialist who
listens to you, understands your journey, and offers advice & hope about your teenager's struggles? 

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