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Your Student Can Thrive at College

Creating College Success


Providing academic, executive functioning and self-advocacy skill building to help diverse learners gain the skills necessary for college success.


Supporting all high school and college learners including students with: learning disabilities, ADD, dyslexia, anxiety, Autism and executive functioning challenges. 

Did your student struggle in a previous college experience? Find expertise, understanding and a plan forward with Fast Forward College Coaching.

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  • Weekly 1 : 1 virtual meetings throughout the summer and / or school year provide students with individualized daily and weekly goals, motivation-building and assistance in addressing barriers to success.

  • Struggling college students will learn strategies that help them become organized, improve time management skills, decrease procrastination, increase confidence, build self-advocacy skills in order to allow students to manage their schedule and coursework successfully.

  • Individualized plan for each student with specific skill objectives and concrete steps to obtain each goal.

  • Frequent and transparent feedback to parents.


Parents will find guidance and expert recommendations to assist with college planning and steps to consider for life after high school.

We have created a variety of services to support high school and college students (with and without disabilities)

High School Executive Function Support


College Executive Function Support


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Online Courses

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Virtual Workshops

Support that meets your student where they are in their college journey

Providing cautiously optimistic parents peace of mind

Fast Forward College Coaching provides college preparation through individual coaching and small group workshops to help all learners feel confident in the transition to (and through) college.


Jennifer's professional and compassionate demeanor builds rapport with students who are feeling anxious, stressed or discouraged because of previous educational experiences.


Jennifer Sullivan's unique approach includes executive functioning skill building, positive mindset coaching to address underlying identity struggles of diverse learners, frequent communication with parents and ongoing assessment of your student's skill progress.


An experienced educator, Jennifer speaks to students and families with compassion and optimism, offering tangible plans for skill development while also improving your student's confidence in their ability to be successful. 

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Fast Forward College Coaching has supported students at colleges and universities across the nation including:
  • Tufts University    

  • Wesleyan College

  • Mass Bay Community College

  • Eastern Connecticut State University

  • Mitchell College

  • University of Dayton

  • Southern Connecticut State University

  • Middlesex County College.

  • Hofstra University

  • Boston University

  • Eckerd College

  • Fairfield University

  • Goucher College

  • Middlesex Community College

  • The College of New Jersey

  • Sinclair College 

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