Giving Students

 Confidence and Success 

in the College Journey

Support that meets your student where they are in

their college journey. 

College Success Tips Delivered to Your Inbox

Newsletters filled with checklists, tips and articles for parents and students including special discount codes for upcoming courses and coaching sessions. 

Providing parents peace of mind; 

and college success skills for students.


Focus on executive functioning and self-advocacy skill development for high school students.

Short-term and long-term support recommendations for students who are struggling in their first, second, third or fourth year of college.

Exceptional rapport-building with students who are feeling anxious or stressed, offering confidence and hope for college student success.




"Jen has an amazing ability to challenge and nurture at the same time.  She is a great source of comfort for our whole family!" 

    -NY Parent

Providing academic and personal skill building to help diverse learners gain the skills necessary for college success.


Supporting all learners including students with:

learning disabilities, ADD, dyslexia, anxiety, Autism and

executive functioning challenges. 

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