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For Unique Learners (and their parents)

A Connecticut based educator of 16 yrs offering individualized academic and executive functioning skill support, personal mentoring and life coaching to create a foundation for college success. As a parent of a unique learner, I  understand the anxiety and worry that parents may have about their teen finding a college environment or professor who "gets" their child. I provide reassurance, confidence, hope and support to both students and parents in the college journey.

I am passionate about listening to your story and creating a support plan that incrementally builds upon your child's strengths while increasing their confidence and independence with newly learned skills.


"Jen has an amazing ability to challenge and nurture at the same time. 

She appreciates my child's strengths and areas of need and is able to zoom in on how to help her both in the moment and in planning for the next assignment.   She is insightful and our daughter adores her (as do we).  

She is a great source of comfort for our whole family!" 


  -NY Parent

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