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Everything You Need to Know About the Transition to College is in THIS Comprehensive Book!

If you are a parent of a college-bound high school student or soon-to-be college student, you won't want to miss this invaluable and comprehensive guide written with both students and caregivers in mind. Educators should also add this book to their bookshelf because it contains 30 exercises and activities that provide many benefits.

This book is different than any other book available now because the author, Jennifer Sullivan, created a resource that offers tips and words of advice for students in the first half of the book AND words of advice for parents in the second half of the book. It's like reading 2 books in 1!

Students will learn tips about important areas of college success such as how to navigate college websites, academic expectations, how to handle roommate conflicts, disability supports and how to request accommodations, the importance of setting alarms to wake up and arriving at class on time, tips to organize your dorm room and so much more!

Each tip has an accompanying exercise / activity / reflection exercise to help students practice and retain the tips they are reading. This book also:

  • Improves student reflection and metacognitive skills

  • Provides opportunities for students to explore their college website

  • Offers conversation starters for high school transition groups / workshops

  • Provides real-world, problem solving 'what would you do?' college scenarios

The book includes 30 tips for students and 25 different tips for families. This is truly a book about the transition to college that can be shared!

Sharing the Transition to College is available on Amazon. If you would like a signed copy of the book, the book can be purchased directly from the author and Jennifer Sullivan will ship the signed book with some surprise freebies!

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