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3 Tips for a Successful Virtual College Visit

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Campus tours and open houses look different this year. Here are 3 tips for students to make your virtual campus visit successful!

1. Schedule Virtual Visits with Intention

It can be tempting to sit down and click to attend a campus tour in the moment (without planning ahead). But take time to prepare for a virtual campus visit just like you would an in-person event. You should take notes also of who is giving the tour, campus staff you talked to or questions you might have. All colleges can look alike online so remember to take the time you need to focus on each college individually. Here is an easy to use template to record the pros/cons after each college visit.

2. Ask to Speak to an Accessibility Office Staff Member

Accessibility Office staff may be a part of the campus tour/visit but don't be shy about asking to speak to them after the virtual visit (or arrange a separate time to talk and let them get to know you). Here are 6 questions to ask the Accessibility Office if you are a student with a disability who is considering requesting accommodations in college.

3. Sign up on College Mailing Lists

Campus visits may be virtual now but campuses could be offering in-person visits soon. In-person tours may have limited availability so sign up on college mailing / email lists to be one of the first ones notified of in-person visit options!

Bonus Tip: Attend More Than 1 Visit / Tour per College

With the variety of in-person and virtual tour options happening now (and possible changes again in the future), take this opportunity to attend more than one tour. If campuses offer online tours, sign up to learn more the college and ask questions you might have. Use this virtual opportunity to help you decide if the college seems like a good fit. Consider these questions:

Did the staff seem welcoming? Knowledgeable?

  • How did the staff respond to student/parent questions?

  • Were multiple majors represented?

  • Did the virtual tour talk about extracurricular activities and clubs?

  • Was the staff diverse?

Use your answers to these questions to determine if you are interested in an in-person experience (if it is offered).

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