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3 Tips for a Successful Virtual College Visit

Updated: Mar 28

Read on to discover 3 tips for getting the most out of your virtual college open house or visit.

Campus tours and open houses look different this year. Here are 3 tips for students for a successful campus virtual visit:

1. Schedule Virtual Visits with Intention

It can be tempting to sit down and click to attend a campus tour in the moment, but take time to prepare just like you would an in-person event. Remember to take notes because all colleges can look alike online! Here is an easy to use template to record your pros/cons of each college.

2. Ask to Speak to an Accessibility Office Staff Member

Accessibility Office staff may be a part of the campus tour/visit but don't be shy about asking to speak to them after the virtual visit (or arrange a separate time to talk and let them get to know you). Here are 6 questions to ask the Accessibility Office if you are a student with a disability who is considering requesting accommodations in college.

3. Sign up on College Mailing Lists

Campus visits may be virtual now but campuses could be offering in-person visits soon. In-person tours may have limited availability so sign up on the mailing / email list to be notified first!

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