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In-Person & Online Workshops to 
Get Your Student Ready for College

Location of In-Person Workshops: Waterford, CT

College Students

3 Workshops

Foundations of Executive Functioning - Part 1

8 sessions (9th & 10th graders)

Applying Foundations of Executive Functioning - Part 2

4 sessions (9th & 10th graders)

Sharing the Transition to College

8 sessions - (11th & 12th graders)

We Are the Experts in Executive Functioning Skills Needed For College Success!

The skills needed for college success can be built through repetition, compassionate instruction and rapport building by experienced coaches. Fast Forward College Coaching are experts at helping students improve their time management, organization, planning, and goal setting skills. We also work with students to decrease procrastination & increase motivation in preparation for college!


Our 3 workshop options build on each other to create a structured executive functioning curriculum that supports your learner from freshman year in high school through college. Find out more below! 

High School Friends

9th & 10th Grade

Smiling Student Sitting At Desk

9th & 10th Grade


11th & 12th Grade

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Students Sitting on Staircase

"Jennifer's workshops are so informative!
My son's eyes were opened to the things he needed to be doing to get ready for college this summer. It was nice having him hear it from someone other than his mom! "
-Sandra W., Parent from CT

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