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Free Help
For Your Struggling College Student

During the last semester did your college student:

  • Fall behind in assignments due to illness or procrastination?

  • Miss one or two classes then decide to stop attending classes and not tell you?

  • Withdraw from courses because of low grades?

  • Deny to you that they were struggling?

  • Avoid taking action until the last weeks of the semester (and it was too late)?

  • Try to use strategies & habits that (barely) worked for them in high school only to find out these habits DON'T work in college?

  • Not remember to check their college email and missed important emails from professors trying to help?

  • Tell you they work well under pressure which really means avoiding assignments until the last minute and then become emotional, anxious and stressed?

  • Struggle and believe they aren't able to 'do college'?

If you can relate to many (or all!) of the above statements, you are in the right place!  We are here to help!

Click below to sign-up for a free conversation with Jennifer Sullivan.

No commitment required - We are offering free conversations with families to share guidance and recommendations to help your son or daughter get on the path to college success.

I look forward to talking with you!

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