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This student-only section is packed with videos, worksheets & activities to build student college and executive functioning success. Check out all of these great resources!


Our short videos are packed with information to help you improve your study skills, self-advocacy skills and manage your time in college. For more videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Studying at Home

Understanding a College Syllabus


How to Request Accommodations in College

Contract Signature

What is an Accommodation Letter?


Build your time management, self-advocacy & study skills with our worksheets that are free to download! Check out the Sharing the Transition to College Workbook for more skill building worksheets.

Other Helpful Info

We've found links that will prepare you for college and are FFCC approved. Not all of these resources may apply to you - and that's ok. Just like you will do in college. find the resources that are helpful and if you don't see a resource that you're looking for - just contact us and ask! 

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