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Parent Consultation

Whether your question is big or small, Jennifer Sullivan is an experienced educator who will offer guidance and advice on any college or executive functioning related issue.  

Parent Benefits:

In a consultation with Jennifer Sullivan, parents and caregivers will have an opportunity to share their child's story and ask questions in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Families will be listened to and empowered - acknowledging that YOU know your child best.


Parenting a teenager or young adult doesn't come with a guide!


Parents often have questions such as:

- Is my child ready for college?

- How does my child apply for accommodations in college?

- What are the options if my student is currently struggling in college?

-What if my child needs more support than the college or university provides?

- What should I know that my school team may not be telling me about next steps?

- What is the best support plan for my student to re-enter college because of a medical leave

   of absence? 


* 1 hour

* Short-term and long-term recommendations for student college success

College decision making can feel heavy - you've found a professional to make your journey lighter and easier.
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