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We are giving away 5 free IKEA blue bags &

5 copies of Sharing the Transition to College Workbook ($30 value)!

Each prize winner will receive:

  • A FREE COPY of the book Sharing the Transition to College Workbook by co-author Jennifer Sullivan ($30 value!) 

  • A FREE IKEA Blue Bag

  • Shipped to you free of charge!


Click below to enter your email address and name. It's that easy!​

We are EXPERTS in providing 1 : 1 support for your student's first 30 days of college

  • Are you cautiously optimistic about your student's transition to college?

  • Are you feeling nervous about the lack of communication with parents in the new college environment?

  • Do you wish someone could guide your student through their first 30 days of the semester and then share your student's progress with you?

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