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Job Interview

After College Support

Job Interview, Resume Building, Career Exploration &

Job Shadow Coaching for Young Adults

Gaining Skills for Employment & Independence After College

Providing virtual support throughout the country & in-person support in CT & RI

We understand that graduating from high school or college is just one step in the complex process of finding employment and building productive habits to be successful at work.  We also know that college & employment decisions often overlap and students who are taking college classes (or recently finished college classes) are also thinking about the next step in their journey - employment. 

Fast Forward College Coaching works individually with young adults to reduce anxiety, increase confidence and build skills for success in the workplace and life after high school. Utilizing a person-centered approach, our coaches will conduct an in-depth discovery and intake process to learn each young adult's strengths, skills, interests, passions and possible obstacles to success. After the initial meeting, coaches provide highly customized 1:1 support with your student to:

  • Explore and research career fields, occupation trends and education/work skill requirements 

  • Accompany students to Job & Career Fairs to coach and support interpersonal skills while providing independence from parents

  • Accompany students to Informational Interviews & Job Shadow experiences to lessen anxiety while providing independence from parents

  • Practice and prepare for job interviews through instruction and repetition in these areas: appropriate dress, nonverbal communication, responding to questions, preparing questions to ask the potential employer  

  • Create resumes & cover letters

  • Navigate the job search and job application process

  • Utilize executive functioning skills in personal & home organization and time management

  • Explore their local community for social opportunities, connections and groups with likeminded peers

  • Assistive technology options for personal and home independence

Our coaches have specialized training and experience supporting diverse learners including young adults with autism.

Our After College coaching sessions offer:

  • Practical strategies

  • Identifying a short-term or long-term goal for employment or independence

  • Designing a practical, actionable plan to accomplish the student's identified short-term or long-term goal

  • Goal setting that empowers your young adult to take control of their decision making

After College support provides important skills to fill a gap that currently exists in services for young adults that need practical skills in order to live independently and succeed socially and professionally in the workplace.

We support young adults by teaching and then coaching the student to master transferrable & practical skills needed to be successful both in college and in the workplace.
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