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30 Day
Get Ready For College Calendar

Fast Forward College Coaching helps students & families prepare for a smooth transition & successful college experience!

If you love this free 30 Tips to Get Ready for College Calendar, check out our BEST SELLING "Sharing the Transition to College" workbook with over 80 worksheets of 'what would you do' college scenarios, time management tips, advice for talking to professors, how to solve conflicts with roommates, how to connect to campus resources, advice for new college students and more!


This is the PERFECT graduation gift to give to your college-bound student and their friends! Celebrate your student's achievement while giving them a gift that prepares them for the next step.






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This free 30-Day Get Ready For College Calendar offers easy, practical tips that any student can do! The calendar includes tips such as:

- Check your new college email daily

- Practice doing laundry

- Have conversations with family about a budget and money management

- Contact the Disability Office to register for support (if applicable)

- Know your health / medical insurance information

- Identify your distractions and time wasters that lead to procrastination

- Practice waking yourself up in the morning

- and many more!

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