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College Coaching Services

Build Your Student's Confidence, Time Management Organization & Self-Advocacy Skills To Create College Success - 

Freshman Year Through Graduation!

Struggling  College Students

We understand there are many reasons why students struggle. We help disengaged students  understand that they can 'do college' and most importantly put into place a plan with concrete strategies to create college success. We help students connect with their campus supports and understand how to function effectively within their college's academic, technology and social structures.

We specialize in explaining the variety of disability supports available to college students and discuss the accommodation process walking beside your student (and their parents) every step of the way.

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Students Who Experienced a Difficult Semester

Expert support will help your student process previous difficult college experiences and identify a plan for future success. Building your student's confidence and belief in themselves as a capable learner is essential. Building rapport from Day 1, we are experienced in working with the most reluctant or disengaged learners. 




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Transferring to a New College After a Previous Difficult Experience

College systems are tricky to navigate and we help students proactively identify and navigate support systems within their new campus environment. We also help students process previous difficult experiences (if necessary) to address emotional obstacles to success. 

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Re-Entry After a Withdrawal / Medical Leave

Creating a support plan that includes connections to campus and community supports is extremely important for a student returning to campus after medical or academic withdrawal. Jennifer Sullivan helps families and students proactively navigate the return to campus with proactive planning and conversations about structure that is best for your student in addition to connecting to a network of supports . 


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  • Building time management skills

  • Create daily structure for homework completion

  • Identify and utilize tools to support organization of papers, belongings & electronic files

  • Decrease procrastination

  • Connect with campus academic and mental health supports

  • Increase self-advocacy skills and ability to talk to professors with confidence 

  • Create productivity habits that will lead to success whether learning on campus or virtually at home

  • Connecting to accessibility supports and help navigating the accommodation request process

  • Reminders to regularly check email and online learning management systems

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