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The Best Time to Visit the Accessibility Office on Campus

Once you receive your college acceptance letter in the mail (or email), the first thing you should do is celebrate. Going to college is a big accomplishment! The second thing you should do, if you are a student with a disability, is register with the Accessibility Office on campus.

The best time to register with the Accessibility Office is BEFORE your semester starts. Registering early will save students the stress and anxiety of applying during the semester while students are focusing on obtaining their textbooks, checking email for important updates form the college, attending class, making friends, attending extracurricular activities events (either in-person or virtual) and completing homework. The last thing students want to do is rush the registration process, forget to register, or register AFTER they needed an accommodation.

So, once you receive your acceptance letter your next email or phone call should be to the Accessibility Office. Do this early and have one less thing to worry about!

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