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Online Courses - Coming Soon!!

Fast Forward College Coaching is bringing college readiness and executive functioning learning right to you - in your home, office or classroom! Our self-paced online courses give you access to downloads, worksheets, videos and more to help  you or your student prepare for success!

Mini-Course - "Introduction to Learning Supports in College"

In this mini course, students will learn:

* A brief overview of the learning supports available in college

* Definition of college accommodations

* A free downloadable worksheet.

COST: Free

Executive Functioning At Home: For Parents

This comprehensive course will introduce parents to the topic of executive functioning skills and provide strategies to create productivity habits that contribute to college success.

Topics include:

* Overview of executive functioning skill development

* How to increase initiation of their students around household tasks

* How to create family habits around organization and time management 

COST: $399

How to Navigate Disability Supports in College

In this completely online course, students will participate in 8 lessons of videos, exercises, downloadable worksheets, free resources, and more! Topics include:

* The accommodation process in college

* Documentation needed to apply for accommodations

* Typical college accommodations

* 3 Types of Learning Support

* Residential/Dietary Accommodations

* What to Do if a Professor Doesn't Provide Accommodations

COST: $399

College Success 101: For Parents of Diverse Learners

Based on the book, "Sharing the Transition to College: Words of Advice for Diverse Learners and Their Families" this course will teach parents 25 essential skills they need to know to support and prepare their diverse learning student during their first year of college.

COST: $399

Available Courses:

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