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What is an Executive Functioning Coach?

As an executive functioning coach I help students to create systems within and between the various parts of their day (academic, social, mental health, recreational) in order to help them be most productive and successful. I focus on holistic functioning and success and help students to make connections and find effective strategies that they can use across many systems of their day. I focus primarily on organization, time management, planning, reducing procrastination, improving study skills, improving self-advocacy, enhancing communication skills particularly with professors and college supports, and increasing confidence.

Are You a Tutor?

Yes, I can function in the role of a tutor if a student requires support in a particular course or content area (i.e. math, college writing, journalism, human development, sociology, psychology, hospitality, environmental science, etc.) but I offer so much more. I bring a background of executive functioning training and experience in disability services to my work with students. I teach students the skills to organize their thoughts and belongings, plan and prioritize assignments, minimize procrastination, build self-confidence, improve communication skills with professors, take advantage of college disability supports and create time management tools they can use at home, in their dorm room or in their classes.

What Does A Typical Coaching Session Look Like?

Currently, all coaching sessions are virtual. College student sessions include a routine of checking your student's college email account for important emails, exploring online learning management systems (i.e. Blackboard) for upcoming assignments, planning for testing accommodations (if applicable), facilitating communication between the student and campus supports, discussing time management skills used the previous week and then beginning content specific work. 

High school students may still be building skills and sessions typically focus on executive functioning skill introduction, practice and reflection.

All sessions are focused on 1-3 skill areas that are agreed upon by the student, family, and Jennifer Sullivan. The focus areas and student progress are continually revisited and revised as necessary.

How Often Does My Student Meet With You?

Typically students meet with me 1x week although this is flexible. Some students prefer to meet 1-2x week for an hour while other students prefer the accountability of shorter check-ins 2x week for 30 minutes each meeting. I work with each student and family to find a schedule that meets their needs.

How Much Do you Charge?

One-hour coaching session is $95. Parent Consultation session (usually 1 - 1.5 hrs) to brainstorm after high school options and appropriate college programs, discuss a specific disability related question pertaining to higher education, review current college accommodations and suggest additional appropriate accommodations, etc. is $150. I accept payment foe all services via check, Venmo or PayPal.

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