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Assistive Technology Services

Preparing students for the note taking challenges of college BEFORE they get there. 

Choose a Note Taking Tool That Matches Your Learning Style

Does your student learn best through listening? Do they prefer visuals, diagrams and flashcards? Does your student retain information by handwriting notes and concepts? Each student has a unique learning style and when their note taking technology matches how they learn best - academic success happens!

A Truly Unique & Personalized Technology Service - You WON'T Find Anywhere Else

Fast Forward College Coaching AT coaches are experts in the field of disability support and work specifically with college students and young adults to assist them in finding & practicing with a note taking software that will lead to academic success. Our AT services are unique in 3 ways:

We are experts in the field of disability support & working with college students. Our focus is on postsecondary success.

We are objective and not affiliated with a tech company. We truly want to find the best match for your student's learning needs.

We are educators. We understand diverse students, profiles and learning needs. We are the best choice for working 1:1 with your student.

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Are Your Student's 
Note Taking Skills College Ready?

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Assistive Technology is a Game Changer For College Students

High school academics and college courses demand different skills in order to succeed. Successful college students are able to hit he ground running on Day 1 of the semester with solid note taking, critical thinking and study skills already in place. College is not the time to build academic skills - this is the time to demonstrate the skills built in high school.


If your student has underdeveloped note taking or study skills, not to worry! There are a variety of note taking software and apps that can help. But college is not the place to start practicing with these tools - practice and training should happen BEFORE the college semester starts.  

AT and College Disability Offices

Most college disability offices expect students to know the academic supports they need and rely on students' ability to self-advocate. However, many college students simply don't have experience or training with assistive technology, thus they cannot advocate for using and exploring assistive technology devices that may help them be successful. The majority of college and university disability support offices do NOT offer training on assistive technology software/devices. But don't worry - We can help!


All services require no long-term commitment and can be used whether your student is in high school or college.

Our AT coaches will determine the note taking AT 'best fit' for your student and help train them on how to use their AT tool effectively.

When I found my note taking app I felt like I could breath in my classes. I didn't feel behind and I actually had notes to study with for my exams. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have a note taking program to help me in college.

Lexi, college freshman, University of Indiana

Happy Student
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