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Assistive Technology in College

College Student

How Can Assistive Technology Help Students?

College academics require students to have superior skills of organization, time management, reading fluency and comprehension, note taking, and writing. Assistive technology can help college students in all of these areas. AT support by an Assistive Technology Specialist can help your student explore and determine if assistive technology is the right fit for their academic needs.  Consultation and evaluation including feedback from the student, family, and other professionals in the student's life will ensure the best fit  and appropriateness of assistive technology.

AT and College Disability Offices

Most college disability offices expect students to know the academic supports they need and rely on students' ability to self-advocate. However, many college students simply don't have experience or training with assistive technology, thus they cannot advocate for using and exploring assistive technology devices that may help them be successful. Students don't know what they don't know. AT documentation prepared by an experienced AT specialist can help students with disabilities demonstrate their need for assistive technology accommodations in order to allow access to learning. 

Do you Know What Types of Assistive Technology Are Available to You?

Many college students can benefit from low tech and high tech assistive technology devices. 

Fast Forward College Coaching has an Assistive Technology specialist who can help determine the AT 'best fit' for your student and help train them on how to use the AT tools effectively.

​​What is Your Familiarity with Assistive Technology?

- I received an AT evaluation in high school and will bring AT to college

- I received an AT evaluation in high school but don't know how I will use AT in college

- I tried AT in K-12 but wasn't successful

- I think AT may help me in my college courses, but I'm unsure

- I am unfamiliar with AT but want to learn 

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Consider an AT Consultation

An AT Consultation is a meeting and conversation about your student's background, strengths and challenges as it relates to academics, mobility, and communication. Assistive technology applications/devices will be suggested that may be a good fit based on this initial consultation. Written documentation after the consultation can be provided for an additional fee.  

Consultations typically last 1 - 1.5 hours.  Fee - $150

Free AT resources

Are you an educator interested in knowing more about how you can incorporate Assistive Technology into your classroom for all learners?

Are you a parent who wants to learn more about how to use Assistive Technology at home with your student?

Learn more in the 2 free articles below!

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