Help Your College-Bound Student Prepare For the Transition & Start Their Next Experience Successfully

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✔  Unsure of the differences between
     high school & college?

✔  Concerned about the academic

     expectations of college?

✔  Is your student nervous about the

     accommodation request process?

✔  Do deadlines, time management and
     organization feel overwhelming?

✔  Wondering how to make connections      with campus support services?

Affordable, Convenient Workshop Options For ALL Learners

Through 100% live, virtual sessions students and families will interact with workshop content using real world scenarios, interactive surveys, reflection questions and discussions. This summer is the perfect time to give your student (and yourself) the gift of preparation and skill building before they start college.

3 Workshop Topics

Choose 1, 2, or 3 workshops that fit your needs this summer!

"Get Ready for College" (for students)

Sunday, July 11

6:30 - 8:30pm

In this comprehensive workshop, all college-bound students will learn:

-Time management and organization strategies

- The importance of self-advocacy

- How to reflect and identify strengths and skills they are bringing to college

-How to identify areas needing improvement and strategies to improve these areas during the summer

- Practice communication through common roommate scenarios

- Understand the main academic differences between high school and college

"Understanding Supports & Accommodations in College" (for students)
Sunday, July 18
6:30 - 8:30pm

Students who have previously followed 504/IEPs in high school will benefit from this easy to understand, engaging workshop that teaches students:

- How to navigate the important college process of understanding & requesting accommodations

- Learn the variety of disability and mental health supports on a college campus

-Understand the accommodation request process in college

- Different types of accommodations

- How to self-advocate during a conversation with disability office staff and much more.

"Understanding Supports & Accommodations in College" (for parents)
Sunday, July 25
6:30 - 8:30pm

Parents of college-bound students will learn:

- The variety of disability and mental health supports available on a college campus

- How students can request accommodations

- Different types of accommodations,

- The importance of student self-advocacy in the accommodation process

- Common disability related obstacles in the first year of college

- Families will also have an opportunity for small group discussion and to ask questions.


- 2 hour live virtual workshop led by Jennifer Sullivan, M.S., author of "Sharing the Transition to College:

Words of Advice for Diverse Learners and Their Families"

- Free 25-page printable pdf Transition to College Workbook 

Get Ready For College

Sunday May 23


Understanding Supports & Accommodations in College (students)

Sunday June 20


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Understanding Supports & Accommodations in College (parents)

Sunday June 27


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Get Ready For College

Sunday July 11

6:30 - 8:30pm

Understanding Supports & Accommodations in College (students)

Sunday July 18

6:30 - 8:30pm

Understanding Supports & Accommodations in College (parents)

Sunday July 25

6:30 - 8:30pm

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"This workshop was so informative!

My son's eyes were opened to the things he needed to be doing to get ready for college this summer. It was nice having him hear it from someone other than his mom! "

-Sandra W., Parent from CT

Let's Do This Together!

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Study Group

Our Workshops Are Perfect For

- Current high school juniors and seniors who want to understand the differences between 504/IEP accommodations and college level disability supports 

- Neurodiverse students who want a strong start to their college experience or upcoming semester

- Parents & supporters alongside their student to provide additional support
and knowledge about the academic and residential accommodation process in college

About The Fast Forward College Workshops

These popular workshops will prepare college-bound students with everything they need to know to start their college experience successfully

The interactive format allows students to stay engaged by using their phones to take surveys and participate in skill building games

A printable workbook with exercises and activities will be provided to continue practicing skills learned in the presentation

Our supportive, like-minded community is here for you with ongoing support and resources throughout the college experience

With workshops held in Spring & Summer leading up to the first semester of college, the timing is perfect to set students up with practical skills for long-term success

Three workshop options are available for  all types of learners (there's even a workshop for parents! too)