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Fast Forward College Coaching are the experts in the transition to college (and helping students be successful once they are there!).

  • Are you searching for an expert to discuss supportive college programs & accommodations for your high school student?

  • Are you looking for a self-paced online course to help you understand the complicated world of college accommodations and learning supports?

  • Are you searching for an executive functioning college coach to guide provide time management and study skill support to your new college student?

  • Are you looking for an expert to guide your struggling student (and your family) through a challenging college semester?

  • Are you looking for a workbook and book that will build your students' self-advocacy, time management, organization and communication skills before they enter college?

If you answered yes, we are here for you! We've provided free college resources throughout our website for you and your student. We offer personalized executive functioning college coaching to help college students build academic, self-advocacy and executive functioning skills while managing their academic courses.


Please contact us to talk about your student and how we can help make their college journey easier, more successful and most importantly, build their confidence as a college learner!


 - Your Student's College Success is Our Goal  -

Let's Get Started

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