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Academic Support

Organizational tools, time management, knowing how/when to ask for help, executive functioning support, self-advocacy skills

Life Skills / Residential Support

Successful transition to college includes mastery of independent life skills, social skills, and navigation of a new campus environment & resources.

Student Support Packages

Include Combinations of 

These Goal Areas:

  • Organization

  • Time Management

  • Scheduling

  • Syllabus Review

  • Learning Style Assessment

  • Career Exploration

  • Professional Etiquette / Communication

  • Assistive Technology Device Trial / Training

  • Assistive Technology Consultation

  • Dorm Room Organization

  • Social Skills

  • Fitness & Nutrition

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Laundry 

  • Money Management

  • Understanding How/When to Ask for Help

Beginning the Journey -

The College Search Consultation

For families just beginning to think about life after high school on a college track, Jennifer's extensive experience can provide comfort and guidance as you begin the college search. Jennifer meets with families and students to discuss steps in the college search process, important documents and considerations you will need, questions to ask on your campus visits, and considerations that affect your student's unique learning and medical needs. An understanding of a college's support structure and the strengths and needs of your child is essential to finding the best fit in a college or university.


The College Search Consultation lasts approximately

1-1.5 hrs and includes: 


  • Review of documentation (IEP, academic records, AT evaluations, etc.)

  • Assessing current accommodations and service needs of the student

  • Determining questions to ask on campus visits including specific questions for college disability offices

  • Identifying residential/social structure considerations of the college environments needed to support student needs outside of the classroom

  • If families would like continued support and/or guidance in the college search process this is an option for an additional fee

My support has helped students at: 

Payment is accepted through PayPal, Venmo and

personal check. 

Services provided in person

or virtually using FaceTime depending on geographic location

Most packages range from 1-3 hours per week.