Building academic and personal skills for college or developing these skills during the college journey, your student's confidence & success is the focus of my coaching. 

Coaching services include Individualized virtual sessions or small group college readiness workshops. Support is available to meet your student wherever they are in their college journey.

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Support that meets your student where they are in

their college journey. 

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Coaching Package Descriptions

Social Skills Package

Designed for students whose social pragmatic skills are still being developed.

Sessions focus on relationship building, maintaining and identifying healthy and safe relationships, problem solving skills, and support navigating social situations with professors and other campus professionals. 

Academic Tutoring Package

Designed for students requiring academic support in one or more classes or content areas. Tutoring includes providing effective study techniques and strategies, test taking skills, and executive functioning support (organization, time management, etc.). Sessions typically are held in a library, etc.

Health & Wellbeing Package

Designed for students with anxiety, complex medical needs,  or those who need a touchpoint during the week, these sessions are comfortable and relaxed and designed to help students gain creative problem solving skills, help students be "in the moment", and provide reassurance. Organizatoinal tools are provided to help students put worries into words using productive and positive techniques.

Assistive Technology Package

Designed for students who are exploring assistive technology for the first time as well as students who would like 1:1 support in utilizing a specific AT tool and applying it to their coursework. Assistive technology evaluation and recommendations can be made through an AT Consultation (separate fee). 

After Graduation - Finding My Path Package

Designed for students who have recently graduated or left college in order to discover 'what's next." Sessions include career exploration, strength and skill assessments, assistance in descovering student motivation and interests and guiding students in connecting to their community, leisure activities or employment that give them enjoyment, fulfillment and purpose. 


Meet in the student center to organize student backpack, binders, and class material 


Virtual meeting to review student agenda/planner and plan for the upcoming week


Meeting in a local coffee shop to brainstorm, outline, write, or proofread writing assignments


Meeting in a dorm room to discuss how to use calendars, whiteboard schedules, phone apps


Going for a walk in the local neighborhood or park while discussing how to make friends and navigate college relationships


Meeting in a library to practice using text-to-speech software

Currently all coaching sessions are  being held virtually. This decision may be revisited pending national health guidance.

What Is a Typical Coaching Session?

Coaching sessions are as individual as your student. Coaching sessions take place in an environment that allows your student to feel comfortable and successful. For example, students may choose to meet in a library, dorm room, student center, an off-campus location or via FaceTime. Below are examples of coaching session formats:

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