College Transition Consultation for Parents

Get answers to your questions and guidance about the path beyond high school from an experienced, compassionate transition expert.

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Jennifer Sullivan has worked with hundreds of families in the transition to and through college. She understands questions that parents have about their student's college readiness, ability to live and attend class independently, and how to determine if college is the best next step. 

A consultation typically lasts 1.5 hrs and includes resources for families as well as questions to consider in planning for your student's next steps. Consultation is typically a one-time fee but additional, on-going consultation services for parents are available.

The fee for a single consultation is $225.

Jennifer Sullivan is the author of the book Sharing the Transition to College: Words of Advice for Diverse Learners and Their Families.  The book includes over 25 words of advice and tips for students as well as 25 words of advice for families. You can order the book HERE.

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