College Coaching Services

Build Your Student's Confidence and Create Success Through Touchstones of Support That Meet Your College Student Where They Are - 

Freshman Year Through Graduation!


New College Students

Send your new college student off to campus with a safety net and an experienced educator assessing their transition to college - schedule a weekly session for your student with Jennifer Sullivan of Fast Forward College Coaching. 

Individualized, virtual coaching sessions provide your student with     1-3x week of academic, social, self-advocacy or executive functioning support. Sessions provide parents with peace of mind that an experienced educator is assessing their child's transition to college.

Jennifer Sullivan meets with new college students in their first year of college and beyond to help them learn the new (often 'hidden') systems of college, create structure during their day, assist with managing and organizing their class schedule and assignments, as well as improve their ability to advocate for their needs with college professors and other staff. Coaching sessions can help your student understand the concept of time, find tools to support their organization and time management, and practice creating habits that will lead to success whether learning on campus or virtually at home. 

Unlike other large tutoring companies that randomly assign students and tutors, you will talk with Jennifer on Day 1 and your student will meet with her - no guessing or extra anxiety needed! Jennifer is accessible and will be working with your student every step of the way.


Struggling College Students

There are many reasons why students struggle in college. Jennifer Sullivan helps students understand that they CAN 'do college' and most importantly put into place strategies and a plan to create change and success! During the first meeting with your student, Jennifer has two goals: 1) Get to know your student 2) Use a carefully constructed matrix of questions to assess and identify areas or student skills that may be not fully developed or identify missing opportunities for your student to connect to campus departments or supports.  After the initial meeting, Jennifer provides a written evaluation of both short-term and long-term recommendations to guide your college student back to the path of success.

If your student is struggling in college, you are not alone! College has many 'systems' that are tricky to navigate and each college or university campus is unique. I help students understand how their campus works, how to connect with their campus supports, and how to function effectively (and successfully) within their college's academic, technology and social structures.

I specialize in explaining the variety of disability supports available to college students and discuss with families the most appropriate level of support for their student. I discuss the accommodation process and walk with students through the process of requesting and utilizing accommodations. College systems are tricky to navigate and a college coach can help your student navigate and connect to their campus with confidence!

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Why My Services Make a Difference

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Easily Builds Rapport with All Students

Creating Connection and Trust in a Non-Judgmental Environment

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Exceptional Communication with Parents

Frequent and Honest Communication

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Check-ins to verify learning and reinforce skill development

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Intentional Skill Building

Embedded skills in every meeting, not just talking


Support That Truly Meets Each Student Where They Are

I look forward to getting to know you and your student! Every coaching session is intentionally designed with your student's strengths in mind. I begin by building a foundation of trust, genuine caring about your student's well-being and self-esteem, and then designing opportunities (with support, if needed) for your student to feel successful. I am experienced at  nurturing and guiding even the most anxious learners toward college success! 

Fast Forward College Coaching supports a variety of college learners including students with diagnosed disabilities such as:


Learning disabilities




Executive functioning challenges

Other health related illnesses

Physical and mobility challenges