Does your student need a little bit of extra support as they look to life after high school? Are parents looking for communication from a professional who can assess your student's college readiness, offer advice, and teach skills at an affordable price? 

I am the bridge that families and students are looking for. College is an exciting opportunity and all students deserve to have a mentor walking beside them, lifting them up and encouraging them through bumps in the road.  Fast Forward College Coaching has worked with students at over 15 colleges and universities across the country. 

If your student would benefit from touchpoints of support and connection while they are at home learning virtually or away at college, call or email me to start a conversation.



Fast Forward College Coaching is committed to helping high school and college students achieve academic and personal success through personalized and customized coaching. Whether your student is looking to bolster their skills, learn new skills, or assess skills that might be missing, I am ready to work with every type of learner to help them reach their maximum potential.
If you aren't sure what type of support feels right, let's talk. I'd love to chat!

High School Executive Functioning Coaching

High School Friends

College Executive Functioning Coaching

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Parent Consultation

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"This social skills work that you do in real time with our daughter seems so valuable and transformative. We are grateful for what you have taught our daughter this year and how you have helped transition her from high school kid to soon to be college freshman." - Parent from NY

unique coaching packages for unique student needs

Building academic and personal skills for college or developing these skills during the college journey, your student's confidence & success is the focus of my coaching. 

Coaching services include Individualized virtual sessions or small group college readiness workshops. Support is available to meet your student wherever they are in their college journey. After an initial phone call with families, Ms. Sullivan meets with your student to ask a matrix of intentionally designed transition questions. With your student's agreement, sessions begin at 1x week. Meetings range from 30 minutes to 1 hour per week. Ms. Sullivan builds rapport, encourages and motivates students, embeds executive functioning skill building and tips into every meeting to boost students' productivity, lessen anxiety, increase confidence, and offer guidance on academic, social and disability related issues. 

Ms. Sullivan encourages students to be self-advocates and connect with campus support systems. She assist students in navigating campus systems through research together on campus websites, role playing, creating proactive social scripts, and using time management and organization tools to create structure and accountability. All coaching sessions are customized to meet your student's individual needs.


Executive Functioning Package

Designed for students who may not need academic tutoring but could benefit from accountability, structure, time management, study skills and organizational strategies. This coaching is particularly useful for students with ADHD.

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Health & Wellbeing Package

Designed for students with anxiety, complex medical needs,  or those who need a touchpoint during the week, these sessions are comfortable and relaxed and designed to help students gain creative problem solving skills, help students be "in the moment", and provide reassurance. Organizational tools are provided to help students put worries into words using productive and positive techniques.

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Academic Tutoring Package

Designed for students requiring academic support in one or more classes or content areas. Tutoring includes providing effective study techniques and strategies, test taking skills, and executive functioning support (organization, time management, etc.). Sessions typically are held in a library, etc.

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Social Skills package

Designed for students whose social pragmatic skills are still being developed.
Sessions focus on relationship building, problem solving skills, and support navigating social situations with professors and other campus professionals. Ideal for students with autism.