Does your student need a little bit of extra support as they look to life after high school? Are you looking for a professional who can assess your student's college readiness, offer advice & guidance, and teach EF skills at an affordable price?

If your student would benefit from support with time management, planning, self-advocacy and communication, let's have a conversation. I can help.


Fast Forward College Coaching is committed to helping high school and college students achieve academic and personal success through personalized and customized coaching. Whether your student is looking to improve current skills or learn new skills, I am ready to work with every type of learner to help them reach their maximum potential. If you aren't sure what type of support feels right, let's talk. I'd love to chat!

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High School Executive Functioning Coaching

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College Executive Functioning Coaching

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Parent Consultation

personalized executive functioning coaching  for unique student needs

Overview of the  Coaching Process


After an initial phone call with families, Jennifer Sullivan meets with your student to ask an intentionally designed matrix of questions to determine your student's areas of strength and begin the coaching relationship.


With both student and family agreement, sessions begin at 1x week. Meeting length is typically

45 minutes to 1 hour.


Jennifer builds rapport, encourages and motivates students while embedding executive functioning skill building into every meeting.


Families will receive weekly communication and, if requested, can receive detailed meeting notes.

Most Popular EF Coaching Services

Support for Executive Functioning 

1-2x week meetings can assist your student in organizing their time, materials and schedule. Designed for students who may not need academic tutoring but could benefit from accountability, structure, time management and study strategies. Meetings provide accountability with intentionally created lessons and check-ins to help your student learn how to successfully manage the demands of high school or college. Sessions are virtual.

Support for Anxiety and Executive Functioning

Designed for students with anxiety, complex medical needs, or those who need a touchpoint during the week, these sessions are comfortable and designed to help students gain creative problem solving skills, help students be "in the moment", and enhance confidence and self-advocacy.  Organizational tools are provided to help students put worries into words and make a plan for forward progress using productive and positive coping techniques. Sessions are virtual.

Support for Academic Tutoring & Executive Functioning

Designed for students requiring academic support in one or more classes or content areas. Tutoring includes providing effective study techniques and strategies, test taking skills, and executive functioning support (organization, time management, etc.). Sessions are virtual.