Workbook Designed Just for Educators

All of the activities & exercises from "Sharing the Transition" plus over 25 more pages of new worksheets to improve your students' skills of:
Time Management    |     Organization    |    Self-Advocacy   |    Regularly Checking Email
Communicating with Professors    |   Planning & Prioritizing Homework Assignments​

Sharing the Transition to College:
Words of Advice for Diverse Learners and Their Families

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An invaluable, thoughtfully written how-to-guide filled with practical tips and words of advice for college-bound students and their families. Jennifer Sullivan, educator, college consultant and expert in the field of transition, writes in a sen  sitive and encouraging voice crafted through years of experience in higher education. This comprehensive guide offers guidance on how to smoothly navigate the complexities of the college transition. Providing reassurance, this book will help families be proactive, know what to expect and begin the college journey with confidence. This important book is ideal for all incoming students including students with learning differences, physical and mental health challenges.



"As an individual who works with students transitioning to college, I can say Jennifer Sullivan hit it out of the park with this terrific resource for students and families. I often find books on college to be overwhelming and Jennifer Sullivan has managed to create an easy read which packs information into every page."

"This is a topic that has been missing from our conversations as transitions and planning for these transitions can often be overwhelming for families...Ms. Sullivan's work and concern for this population is evident in this book."

"Jennifer Sullivan truly is a partner with families and students throughout the book. The reader feels as though she is with you and explaining each step of the journey to college on each and every page."

"In particular I found the set-up of the book makes it a more useful tool than others I've seen - each tip is short, with practical implementation - and it doesn't require reading the whole book to be useful."