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Jennifer Sullivan,
Author of "Sharing the Transition to College" will release a NEW workbook this fall!

Get A Sneak Peek of the Workbook!

We hope you're just as excited as we are to see the new workbook in print! There is nothing like it out there, so we think you and your students will love it! While you're waiting to purchase your copy of the workbook, enjoy these sample pages!

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workbook is released!

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Coming December 2021!

Sharing the Transition to College Workbook

is a collection of over 80 activities, exercises and real-world scenarios for the college-bound student. Educators, parents and students will practice college readiness skills in these easy-to-use student-centered pre-made worksheets.

All of the activities & exercises from "Sharing the Transition" plus over 50 more pages of new worksheets to improve your students' skills of:

Time Management    |     Organization    |    Self-Advocacy   |    Regularly Checking Email 

Communicating with Professors    |   Planning & Prioritizing Homework Assignments​

This innovative workbook design is perfect for:

  • Transition groups

  • In the classroom

  • Counseling sessions

  • College Fairs / College Night

  • Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

  • Parent Groups / PTO

  • Special Education Classroom

Check Out the Book That Started it All!

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