Hello, I'm Jennifer Sullivan, M.S., an educator of 18 years and author of the book Sharing the Transition to College: Words of Advice for Diverse Learners and Their Families.  I created Fast Forward College Coaching to empower students and give them confidence in the high school to college transition through college readiness skills. Hundreds of families told me about the gaps that existed in their child's high school to college journey and the skills they wished their child had learned before entering college. Working in higher education I know the skills that successful students need and I want to share them with you.


 I am dedicated to helping every student know what to expect when they begin college and am passionate about supporting diverse learners and their families throughout the college journey.

I work with diverse learners, primarily high school seniors with anxiety, learning differences,  dyslexia and autism offering workshops to teach the most important skills they need to know in order to be successful in college.  I also see myself as a "connector" and administrator who has worked across 4 higher education institutions including in the role of Director of Parent Programming. I also support struggling college students and provide short-term and long-term recommendations for problem solving and skill development to get your student back on the path to confidence and success. I work with families, proactively and reactively, to help your student exactly where they are right now. 

I look forward to hearing your story. If you don't know exactly where to start but know that your child is college-bound, that's the perfect place to begin. Let's connect.

Jennifer Sullivan



Below is a sample of my writing and publications. Read below to learn more about my advice for educators and parents. Check out the Blog for more articles with simple, easy to understand techniques and tools to get your student ready for college.

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